Smoked Scorpion
Smoked Scorpion

Smoked Scorpion

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This is the NEW & IMPROVED recipe which includes a smoother smoky flavor we achieve by also smoking some of the Maui Sweet Onions in addition to the Trinidad Moruga Scorpions!! There are also more Scorpions than ever justifying its HOT rating on the bottle!!!

We smoked these Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers with kiawe (Hawaiian mesquite) to give it an awesome smoky flavor to balance with the fiery heat these peppers are known for.   We roasted the garlic and sauteed the sweet Maui onions to pair with the smoky scorpion peppers to give this an amazing well rounded flavor with ample heat. If heat is what you crave, then this is the one for you!! Rumor has it this tastes amazing in a Bloody Mary!

How we like to sauce it up…

We love this one on some baby back ribs or even some pulled pork sliders on garlic toast.

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Kiawe smoked Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, Maui Onions, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Maui Honey, Hawaiian Sea Salt.

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Customer Reviews

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Cameron Ellis

Love the smokey flavor and spice level on this. It is definitely spicy but worth ever min.

All in

Ever since we stumbled upon the Scorpion at a store in Maui, our lives have forever changed. We’ve never had a hot sauce better than this one. I’m Thai, and I know my spicy. This is spicy but also FLAVOR. Never going back. We buy at least a 16 pack of scorpion every year and they are great gifts as well, but we also mostly just keep it all for ourselves. If we could buy this by the gallon, I would.

Mahalo Mora! We are so happy that you love our Smoked Scorpion sauce so much!!

Tyler Albright
Top-Tier Taste & Happy Heat

My brother brought a bottle of this (batch #97) back from Hawaii to give to me. Easily among the best hot sauces I've ever tried - without a doubt in my top 5, and I've tried a ton of sauces. Perfect consistency and balance of heat and flavor. Love the smokiness as well. Pairs amazingly with fried chicken. Worth every penny of the $17.50 price point. I'll have to order more, and try some of the other offerings.

Aloha Tyler,
We are stoked to be in your top 5!! Pro-Tip get the 4 pack for $45 and save!


Top shelf in every way

Ed Sowell
Not Just Heat

This sauce is amazing. It has the heat, that is great, but it also has amazing flavor. I love hot sauces and this one is, hands down, the best one I have ever tasted.

Mahalo Ed! We are excited you enjoy it so much! It is one of our favorites too!

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locally sourced & crafted

Do you ever wonder where your produce comes from? How about your hot sauce? We know exactly who grows every pepper, onion, guava or mango that goes into our sauce.


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