Meet the owners

We are a husband & wife operation from Maui, Hawaii. We have spent years home gardening and learning what grew well and what we had a habit of killing. You would think that with 365 days of absolutely beautiful weather that anything would grow well.
Well, to avoid any embarrassing stories, we’ll just say that we quickly discovered that we had a knack for growing peppers. This realization quickly escalated into absolute pepper craziness. Pepper-mania quickly transformed into experimenting with making unique hot sauces because like so many others, we were growing bored with the typical sauces you find on restaurant tables.
After years of exposing our friends and family to our own concoctions, we decided to introduce our hot sauces to those who crave flavor AND heat! We are collaborating with local farmers to bring you a truly Maui crafted small-batch hot sauce that is inspired, grown, and crafted on Maui.
Keep it spicy!

aloha from maui, hawai'i

Holding hot peppers. Hot stuff in my hands. Crazy hot peppers.
Farm to Bottle

We know exactly who grows every pepper, onion, guava or mango that goes into our sauce. When you purchase a bottle of HI Spice you are also supporting a number of local farmers on Maui.

A lot of hard work and love is the foundation of this farm to bottle hot sauce experience. Together we create a locally sourced product that is more than just a hot sauce.

Da kine sauce

"HI Spice is not your typical hot sauce. We are about flavor first then heat. We have 18 mild to wild flavors with heat levels ranging from low to extreme so there is something for everyone!"
— Katie Cook, Da Sauce Boss

"I love how hot sauce has not only brought us closer to our community here on Maui and Hawai'i, but we have also gained a massive new family in the hot sauce world."
— Justin Orr, Saucier

Locally Sourced from Hawai'i farmers

Kupa'a Farms

Kupa’a farms are committed and passionate about growing, providing and enjoying delicious organic produce that’s abundant in nutrition and flavor.

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Raw Maui Honey

Maui Bee Farm is a local family-owned and operated apiary. Their goal is to provide Raw Maui Honey to residents and visitors who want to experience honey from right here on Maui.

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Kumu Farms

Kumu Farms offers local farm-fresh organic produce. The operation yields thousands of pounds of Papayas, Banana’s, and Fresh produce for the local market.

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Kahuku Farms

LIVE FRESH, LOVE LOCAL, BE ALOHA, Kahuku Farms is a result of two farming families spanning back three generations in Hawaii. They are committed to increase and sustain the development of tropical and diversified agriculture in Hawaii.

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Oko'a Farms

Oko’a Farms is a family owned farm on the beautiful island of Maui in Kula, Hawaii, dedicated to growing authentic and diverse foods you can trust.

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Aloha from our HI Spice ohana!