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I’m always preaching about supporting local, and this hot sauce makes me proud to be in Hawaii. Fast turn around on the orders, great taste, and a great product all around.My favorites are the Smoked Habanero, Smoked Scorpion, and Ho Brah. Definitely try this company if you are a fan of the spice, and a fan of things that are flavorful!

Zack Jones

Not only do they have amazing hot sauce, a great variety, a touch of the islands and deep flavor profiles; they are fantastic people! Support local, support great people, eat good sauce!

Lindsay Kallas

We found HI Spice in Wailea a few years ago and fell in love! my husband is a HOT HOT HOT lover and puts hot sauce on everything and I am more on the mild side. We think Hi Spices sauces are the best in flavor and in quality that we have had. I order boxes and give them as gifts and when we start to run out it's no bueno!

Kalyn Roberds-Tipton

LOVE HI Spice They offer an awesome variety of sauces, all unique in their own way. From mild to really freakin’ spicy, made with local produce and a lot of love. My favorite sauce is probably the papaya jerk. I use it to make chicken wing sauce and to add extra spice to anything poultry or pork. My hubby LOVES the smoky habanero sauce. Just can’t get enough. The HI Spice sauces also makes great presents to the people that have it all and their shipping boxes are sooo cool.

Julie Nolan

These guys rule. I tried “Lava Lime” while on vacation in Maui this spring. Since February, I’ve eaten eggs 2x without Lava Lime on them, only because I ran out. The customer service is A+. The product is unbelievable. Everybody I’ve shared with agrees. Huge fan of HI Spice and all they offer. Lava Lime = 10/10. Papaya Jerk = 10/10.

Tyler Halonen

The details set them apart from others! My order was received very quickly and expertly packaged. I will say that I was also blown away by the personalized touch from a hand written note inside of my box! Not to mention that their sauces are amazing! I highly recommend trying them out. I recently purchased the Dragon Fruit- Smoked Habanero- Smoked Scorpion- Ho Brah. If you are looking to try some new hot sauces, check them out! You have a repeat customer for life! Thank you, HI Spice!

Seth McKeever

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