Kiawe Smoked Sriracha
Kiawe Smoked Sriracha
Kiawe Smoked Sriracha
Kiawe Smoked Sriracha
Kiawe Smoked Sriracha
Kiawe Smoked Sriracha
Kiawe Smoked Sriracha

Kiawe Smoked Sriracha

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This is the smoked version of our O.G. Sriracha!!  Using local kiawe (Kee-ahh-vay) which is a member of the mesquite family brought to Hawai'i by the missionaries, it gives a subtle sweet smoky flavor which will blow your mind!

How we like to sauce it up…

This sauce screams wings and pizza all day, but our favorite new recipe is to use it on Ahi poke nachos on fried tempura chips!!

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Apple Cider Vinegar, Smoked Red Jalapeno Peppers, Garlic, Hawaiian Chili Peppers, Honey, Lime Juice, Sea Salt
No artificial ingredients or coloring.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Dan McAtee

Fantastic product and service! I can't recommend this highly enough.

Jacob Westrum
This Sriracha is amazing!!

One of my favorite new sauces. I love the smokey, garlic, honey combination. Plus it actually has some heat compared to regular sriracha. Definitely will buy again


Amazing flavor. Good spice and tastes extremely fresh. Would buy agian

Guy Smith
The GOAT of sriracha

Not only is this the GOAT of srirachas, it’s also my favorite sauce of all time. I took it to work with me, and it was gone in two days! We were all blown away upon first spoonful!

Guy, we are so excited that you are calling our Kiawe Smoked Sriracha the GOAT of Srirachas! We LOVE that and are thrilled that it is your favorite sauce of all time!!
Katie and Justin

So yummy!

My husband & I discovered this SMOKED SRIRACHA in a shop in Kona. We absolutely have fallen in love with it, and went through half a bottle already in a few days. We are visiting Hawaii on vacation currently, we are from WA. I'm currently getting ready to order another bottle, 5o send to our home in WA! Since Kona is a bit of a drive to pick up another bottle, as we are staying in Hilo for 5 more days. Would definitely recommend this sauce! Such wonderful flavors, & the smokey flavor adds a great touch. We've been eating this on different things such as scrambled eggs, cheese & crackers, jasmine rice. Will be interesting to see how it tastes on other things.

Aloha Mindy!
We are excited you found us in Kona and that you are now in love with our Kiawe Smoked Sriracha! Let us know whenever you need more, we're happy to ship to you and warm things up in Washington!!

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locally sourced & crafted

Do you ever wonder where your produce comes from? How about your hot sauce? We know exactly who grows every pepper, onion, guava or mango that goes into our sauce.


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