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Few sauces scream 'Hawai'i' like the sweet & sour of Lilikoi (passion fruit) combined with the citrus flavor of the humble habanero. Subtly sweet up front from the yellow bell peppers and local Maui honey, and then BAM!!! Tart lilikoi is followed by the citrusy habanero heat. With the lilikoi sourced from our friends at Kupa'a Farms, it has the freshest and brightest lilikoi flavor to light up your next plate of Mahi Mahi tacos.

How we like to sauce it up…

The best night of the week is obviously Taco Tuesday, and this sauce is an absolute winner on Carne Asada tacos. But, make sure you save a little to add to your blender for spicy Liliko’i margaritas!!!

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Habanero, Maui Onion, Bell Pepper, Lilikoi, Apple Cider Vinegar, Maui Honey, Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Customer Reviews

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When I say this is my favorite hot sauce I've ever had, I'm not lying. Lilikoi is my favorite flavor and the lilikoi comes in for the perfect sweet/spicy balance in this one! Heat is there but not too bad and I would definitely recommend it on some tacos, a burrito, pizza, avocado toast, you name it. I've told pretty much everyone I know about it (shout out to my coworkers who ordered some and tried it out!) 100/10 highly recommend

Aloha Reina,
Thank you for your review of our Lilikoi hot sauce! We're thrilled that it's become your favorite! And we appreciate you spreading the word and sharing our sauce with your friends and coworkers! Mahalo for your support and happy saucing!

Jon Winkelblech
Juicy with a little kick!

This review is based on Batch 27. Really nice juicy lilikoi flavor up front. As it moves across the palate the apple cider vinegar and Maui honey notes appear and the heat sets in. The heat is not crazy but is very welcome after the juicy lilikoi and apple cider vinegar. I have enjoyed this sauce on eggs, chicken and salmon. My wife is a bit of a gringo and can tolerate this one!

Aloha Jon!
We are so glad that you enjoy the Lilikoi! Thank you for taking time to write a review!
Katie and Justin


I love this hot sauce! Super mild and tasty, I out it on literally anything!! Thanks guys!

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Do you ever wonder where your produce comes from? How about your hot sauce? We know exactly who grows every pepper, onion, guava or mango that goes into our sauce.